Studio at the Commons

A creative space on the shores of North Creek

The Studio at the Commons is part of the Clearwater Commons, a growing, green community situated on over seven acres of mostly protected wetland. A portion of North Creek flows through the property.

The thousand square foot space is connected, duplex style, to the home of filmmaker Bob Freeman and his wife Shawna Lee. The studio features a 13 x 21 foot green stage and recording studio, an editing suite, a flexible creative space and a video screening area. Bob and his colleagues use the studio to create films, ads, voiceover, podcasts, cds and other digital media.

The Clearwater Commons community, including the studio, is dedicated to low-impact living. The studio is also committed to bringing gender and racial diversity to the projects they engage with.

Scroll down to see pictures from the studio and some of our past productions

Bob Freeman

Bob talks to assistant camera Dave Novacek on the set of Breeding Grounds.

Studio at the Commons

The Studio at the Commons nestled next to protected wetlands and just up the hill from North Creek.


The wetland is literally 20 feet off the back deck. It is seriously beautiful here.

Studio at the Commons

A view of the back of the studio from the North Creek ravine.

Editing Suite

We make movies here.

Production music take

Bob Freeman records Matt Garrity for a video music bed.

It's a wrap!

Matt is done!


Some of our actors are fuzzier than others.

Audio Recording

Bob records a take.

Green Screen

Production Assistant Kevin Larrinaga hangs the green screen.

Simple Green Screen

This is a simple setup suitable for a “talking head” video.

Jesse LaTourette - Computer game voiceover

Actor Jesse LaTourette talks with game designer Ian Freeman-Lee (Tripping Whale) while recording a character for the game Atlas:Rebirth.

Jessica Harned in the studio

Bob Freeman records Jessica Harned of the Boise Philharmonic Orchestra.

Breeding Grounds hits the finish line

Co-producers Bob Freeman and Jeff Barber celebrate the end of 5 months of production for the Seattle Filmmakers’ Collective transmedia project Breeding Grounds. This project included a central 22 minute short, two “in world” films and 15 behind the scenes interviews.

Exterior set for Breeding Grounds

We are filming an exterior scene at the gate of “Eastern Reach” for Breeding Grounds. You don’t have to build the tall concrete walls with razor wire if you don’t actually see them. The gate was fully operational.

ADR for Breeding Grounds

Engineer Phil Ryan records ADR dialog with Telisa Steen for Breeding Grounds.

Telisa Steen in the studio

Telisa Steen records replacement voice tracks for Breeding Grounds.

Tabitha Bastien in the studio

Tabitha strikes a pose.

Phil Ryan records audio

Recording engineer Phil Ryan records ADR dialog for Breeding grounds. Try not to get distracted by director Mark Chandler’s shirt.

Matt Dy in the studio

Phil Ryan records actor Matt Dy for Breeding Grounds.

Interview with a Triple

On the set of “Interview with a Triple” (part of Breeding Grounds) with actors Ronda May Burnette, Ronnie Allen and Katie Hemming.

Recordist Tara Muñoz

Recordist Tara Muñoz on the set of “Interview with a Triple”

George and Tara

Grip George Borchers and Sound Recordist Tara Muñoz on the set of Breeding Grounds.

We Fulfill

It’s what we do

Pearl Klein on set

Pearl Klein discusses the 12 principles in the world of Breeding Grounds. Recordist Tara Muñoz and Grip George Borchers in the background.

Mark Chandler in rehearsal

Mark Chandler, director of Breeding Grounds, during rehearsal.

Table work

The Breeding Grounds team working the script.

Cast of True Artist

Marie Verschueren, Ryan Sanders and Isabelle Bushue rehearse for True Artist.

Isabelle Bushue on set

Actor Isabelle Bushue on the set of True Artist.

Makeup effects artist Ret Harrison

Makeup Artist Ret Harrison get Marie Verschueren ready for her scenes in True Artist.

Shannon Razzaghi on set

Shannon Razzaghi getting ready to shoot a scene in Broken Imperative directed by Bob Freeman. Recordist Tara Muñoz and Director of Photography Mark Chandler in the foreground.

Looks like a fight scene to me...

Actors Jessica Kilpatrick and Shaun Nielson are ready to film the last part of a “fight scene”. Production assistants Kevin Larrinaga on slate and Shawna Lee on ankle. (She had to hold them in place in this extreme closeup shot. )


When two actors aren’t the same height, we use some pretty low-tech solutions. Actors Jessica Kilpatrick and Shaun Nielson. Production assistant Kevin Larrinaga and Cinematographer Rakesh Malik in the foreground.

Carol Sanford on set

Business educator Carol Sanford (Carol Sanford Institute) is ready to film a lesson.


Carol is a mover and shaker in the world of business and it’s an honor to take care of her video, audio and tech needs. You should visit her site and see how a business can do good in the world and be profitable. She and her collaborators have developed and continue to develop a whole new paradigm called The Regenerative Business. She’s the real deal. Read or listen to her words.

On set with Leslie

Leslie Moulton Asplund in a dining room set for web series Seattle Freeze produced by Heather Hoffman.


Robert Rudd lays down some Rap tracks.

Amy Olson in the studio

Amy Olson is recording voiceover narration for her film Finding my Sunshine. Amy is the producer, director, writer and actor in this film. Bob Freeman is the editor.