Bob is the media producer for the Carol Sanford Institute.  Bob produces the Regenerative Business Podcast and numerous video interviews Carol conducts with people across the globe. As needed, he records her in his recording studio, combines it with online interviews, and publishes them on the web. We have produced dozens of segments.

Bob and his crew captured the Institute’s three day conference The Regenerative Business Summit on video and audio. This material will be edited into several videos featuring talks and interviews at the summit.

You can find her latest segments and material from the conference at her website:

Carol at the Studio at the Commons

Bob and his team are my go to production team. The professionalism is beyond reproach. The quality of what I get is spot on and if a change is requested, it is done with open heart, immediate response and a laugh often. they are so easy to work with and join in the creative process with me. Most importantly, I get great results with my media. People compliment me on it and they respond. What more could you ask? Nothing from my perspective.

Carol Sanford

Award-Winning Author, Expert Speaker, Executive Educator, Carol Sanford Institute